Far Cry 3 Finally Shows Off It’s Crazy Map Editor Mode

I’ve been enamored with FarCry 3 and have fully bought into the insanity that it has been selling.  Showing off the sociopath Vaas for the first time, I was on board.  Then detailing a co-op campaign and a very interesting looking multiplayer element?  Yeah, I’m into that as well.  There was always one thing that I was dying to know more about: the map editor.

One of the things I found extremely interesting with Far Cry 2 was the editor.  Featuring dynamic elements such as fire propagation, semi-destructable environments, day-night cycle, and storm effects, it was just one of those things that was a cherry on top.

Not much has been said about the editor coming with Far Cry 3 outside of the fact that it enhances, improves, and is more powerful than what we got in the previous game.   Finally, days before it’s launch, we’re given an overview of the enhanced and improved editor shipping with the game.  And boy is it impressive.

The map editor will let you create, share, and download new content for the low, low price of free.  In addition to molding and shaping the landscape, you can also add in cool elements like caves and waterfalls now.  Not only that, the editor seems to have a wealth of items and objects to populate your map including assets from the game, World War II, and even Asian inspired.  According to Mark Thompson in the video, that’s over 2,000 objects in total.  It also seems to have a LittleBigPlanet type of community element as users can rate, play, and comment on your shared creation.  Sure, it looks insanely simple to create a map but time will tell once I get my hands on it.

As if that isn’t enough, there’s also a single player sandbox mode you can play around with.  This mode will let you further populate your creation with things like animals, vehicles, and even NPC characters.  Finally, a game that lets me see what happens when I pit alligators vs flaming bears vs knife wielding lunatics.

Have a look for yourself, just make sure to grab a napkin or bib for that drool. Far Cry 3 hits this Friday for our European friends and a week from today for us here in the United States.

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