Nintendo Opens It’s Arms To Indie Developers

Well, well, it would seem that Nintendo is making a strong effort to attract smaller and indie developers to their eShop.  In a big 180 degree turn from Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo’s brand spankin’ new console, the WiiU, has a very interesting way of dealing with indie developers and downloadable games.

Trine developer, Frozenbyte, has gone on record detailing what it’s like to work with Nintendo on bringing a downloadable title to their eShop after working with other outlets like Playstation Network and Xbox Live.  They go on to say that Nintendo lets the developers set their own prices and only provide basic guidelines. Not only that, they’re free to set their own sales when they want as well.  Not only that, developers are free to patch and update their game as much as they want without worrying about a cost or large fee to do so.  For the smaller devs out there who may not be rolling in money, this could be a big draw for the WiiU.

Frankly, I’d think this would be extremely appealing to those small scale developers out there as it puts Nintendo on par with other popular outlets like Apple and Valve’s Steam.  Plus, it seems like Nintendo is going all in after having a very archaic online system in the former Wii.  With this news, you can really see them trying to fix that.  If you remember, Fez went through some rough spots as the game never received a much needed second patch as Microsoft gives the first patch away for free but charges for any patches after that.  Developer Polytron made a decision to not patch the game a second time due to the expensive cost of doing so.  Nintendo’s platform won’t have that same problem as patches are all free to release.

Good on you Nintendo.

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