Playstation All Stars Roster Expands Again With Free DLC

Disappointed with the amount of characters out of the box in Playstation All Stars Battle Royale?  Well, what if I said SuperBot is planning on adding a couple more combatants to the game as free downloadable content?  Ah, I believe I have your attention now.

The All Star battle is expanding the roster as Emmett Graves of StarHawk fame and Kat from Gravity Rush join the fight.  While they’re not quite ready to be shown off yet, both characters come from games with unique gameplay elements and the team at SuperBot are keen to incorporate that into how they play.  Coming from StarHawk and it’s Build and Battle system, Emmett Graves will utilize techniques that have him calling down help from the sky just like in the game including using the weapons from the game.  Kat seems to be able to alter gravity which will allow her to position herself for aerial attacks.  Definitely a unique character, that’s for sure. Both characters come with a complete story mode and cinematic rivalry.

The great news is that SuperBot is planning these two as free downloadable content for gamers to download from PSN when they’re released sometime in early 2013.  Make sure you act fast though as this free DLC offer is only good for 2 weeks upon which point I’d imagine they receive a new price tag.  So even if you don’t have the game but plan on buying it, you’ll still want to download these to as they’re yours to keep once downloaded.  Still, it’s great to see a company giving back to it’s fans.  Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is set to hit stores next Tuesday on November 20.

Curious to know what I thought of my time with the beta?  I have you covered right here.

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