Color Me Jealous: Microsoft Creating Special Xbox 360’s For 10 Year Xbox Live Anniversary

Here’s something I bet you didn’t see coming.  Microsoft is creating custom Xbox 360 units for Xbox Live’s 10 year anniversary.  Not only that, they’re sending these out free of charge to some of the Xbox Live members that have been with them the longest.  If you’ve been a member since the very beginning (we’re talking November 2002 here), then make sure to pick up your mail, read your email messages, and answer your phone because Microsoft just may be trying to get in touch with you.

The only thing that hasn’t been made clear is just how many Xbox units they’ve created and how many members will be receiving them.  Not only that, we’re still not even sure what the criteria is for who gets selected as I’m sure there’s quite a number of users who have been on board since the very start. Perhaps making a sacrifice with the blood of a unicorn is needed or maybe beating Ikaruga with one hand.  Either way, for those of us who won’t be getting one, here’s what the custom Xbox looks like:

So how can you tell how long you’ve been with Xbox Live? The easiest method is pressing the center Xbox button on your control once the console is on the dashboard.  From here, scroll all the way to the right and select “Profile” from the Settings menu.  When your profile appears, you should see an orange stripe above your Gamerscore information.  That orange stripe will show you how long you’ve been a member of Xbox Live.  If you see a 10 there, stay vigilant!

No matter what gaming console/platform you support, you have to admit what Microsoft is doing is pretty cool.  I mean, Microsoft is manufacturing special Xbox 360s and sending them out free of charge.  Did you see that coming?  I didn’t.  I may have been with them officially for 5 years now, but one thing is for sure: I’m very jealous of you 10 year members.  Enjoy those consoles.

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