Today In Ubisoft: Featuring 100% More THQ, Beyond Good & Evil 2, and Rainbow 6: Patriots

The folks at Ubisoft sure have been busy lately releasing titles like Just Dance 4, Assassin’s Creed III, and still have the upcoming Far Cry 3 and ZombiU.  Not content to sit around and release games, the French mega company is also releasing some tidbits about their future as well.

First up, the very popular and consistently delayed fan favorite Beyond Good & Evil 2.  So where is it?  As it turns out, Ubisoft has confirmed that they are in fact working on it, just very slowly.  Michel Ancel and his team are hard at work on Rayman releasing the excellent platformer, Rayman Origins, last year and working on finishing up the upcoming Rayman Legends.  It’s assumed that once Legends releases next year, Ancel will continue plugging away on BG&E2.

With THQ once again struggling through financial issues stemming from it’s dismal Q2 earnings call, Ubisoft has raised interest in acquiring some of THQ’s assets.  The big boss man, Yves Guillemot noted that THQ held good brands and Ubisoft is always interested in good brands.  With THQ entering dire straits again and their willingness to make a deal (EA buying the rights to UFC), don’t be surprised if you see some of your favorite THQ titles jumping ship to Ubisoft.  Just imagine, Patrice Desilets returning to his former company.

With Rainbow 6: Patriots in a virtual blackout state, people have begun to wonder just what is going on with this game since it’s Game Informer reveal.  Even though it’s gone through a bit of upheaval with personnel, the game is still on track according to CEO, Yves Guillemot.  Not only that, there’s a “good chance” it will be on next generation systems.  I’d say this makes sense considering it’s dropped off the radar and if the rumors are true, next-gen systems may be hitting late next year.  All in all, Patriots is still due for a 2013 release so I don’t think we’re too far away from hearing more on the game.

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