10 Minutes of Awesome: The Elder Scrolls Online Developer Walkthrough

So far, we haven’t seen much from the upcoming MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online and I have a feeling that has made the waiting all that much harder to deal with.

Finally, this past week, Bethesda and Zenimax Online released nearly 10 minutes of straight gameplay footage with the development team on hand to help narrate what you’re seeing.  The video below is the first in a long series so today’s is all about the beginning.  An introduction to the game if you will.  The team goes into great lengths to show you why their game is unique and isn’t just another WoW clone.

The game takes place a 1000 years before Skyrim and it also digs deep into the series lore established in all of the games so far.  So if you’ve read about it, you just may be able to experience it.  The big thing covered in this video is their combat system, which it looks like a feature that the team is very proud of.  It’s based more in real time rather than clicking a button and seeing your character then carry out that action.  For example, right clicking on the mouse will raise your shield while holding the left mouse will power up your attack.  From what I can gather, it would appear that the game is trying to empower it’s players even more.  I’m also pretty intrigued by the “megaserver” they’re using instead of having all kinds of different servers that players will need to join.  Instead, everyone is placed in the same world together and the game does the heavy lifting behind the scenes in where to place you and your friends.

Personally, I’m not getting a huge WoW vibe after watching this video.  The game seems to aim at a more realistic and gritty look rather than WoW’s colorful and over exaggerated style.  In fact, I’m getting more of a Dark Age of Camelot feel with the massive PvP battles pitting three factions against one another and maybe for the fact that Matt Firor is the Game Director.  Still, there’s more to MMOs than it’s visual style and game modes so we’ll have to wait and see what else ESO brings to the table.  We have a long wait on our hands as the game is not due out until sometime in 2013.

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