DmC Gets Some Creative Difficulty Modes

Kudos to Ninja Theory for giving gamers even more reasons to keep playing their upcoming game, “DmC” aka Devil May Cry.  Not content with basic game modes, they’re throwing even more in for your 60 bucks.  If you’re looking for a new experience each time, Ninja Theory has you covered.  While the game comes with three difficulties out of the box (Human, Devil Hunter, Nephilim), you’ll be able to unlock four additional modes each with their crazy modifiers just like in the past couple of Devil May Cry games. Check out these unlockable difficulty modes:

Son of Sparda: This mode remixes enemy layouts, provides tougher enemies, and changes enemy behaviors throughout.

Dante Must Die: Same as above, but this mode introduces insane attack waves and even stronger enemies.

Heaven and Hell: The perfect example of sweet and sour, this additional remixed mode makes everyone die in one hit, including Dante.

Hell and Hell: If you’re feeling the need for some pain, this mode is it.  This mode is exactly like the above, the only difference is that now only Dante dies in one hit, not the enemies.  Only the hardcore need apply here.

So how do you get your hands on these? Each mode will be unlocked through multiple playthroughs on successive difficulties.  Seems like some extra incentive to keep playing improving the replayability which is a good thing.  DmC hits stores January 2013 for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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