Rumor: Skyrim Expanding Again With Ridable Dragons?

I have to hand it to you PC patch file sleuths.  It seems like now a days, we get major insight into what games have coming with the hard work of gamers who dive into files and patch notes.  The latest game to get this treatment is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as an eagle eye gamer named “Mardoxx” found lines of code which hint at potential upcoming DLC.

If the source code is to be believed, the next DLC will be called “Dragonborn” and will take gamers to the island of Solstheim, which, if you’re keeping track of lore at home, is located North East of Skyrim.  Interestingly enough, Bethesda did trademark “Dragonborn” back in September, so who knows, could be true.

Not only are you getting a new region to explore, one of the bigger hooks appears to be that you’ll finally be able to ride dragons!  Granted, the rumors don’t quite say if it’s a scripted event or if you’ll be able to tame and ride them, so don’t set your hopes too high just yet.  There will be new spells including some that let you cast spells on mounts, new enemies, and new locations like Raven Rock and Telvanni Tower.  For you loremasters again, the island of Solstheim was last featured in The Elder Scrolls III expansion, Bloodmoon. So could a return to Morrowind in some form be coming?  Only time will tell.

Since it’s still unconfirmed, we have to treat this one with kid gloves and toss it in the rumor bin.  I’d assume we’ll be hearing something soon however.  Also keep in mind that this data mining gave us the first details on Dawnguard before it was officially announced as well, so there just may be some truth here.

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