Finally On Board: Nintendo Prepares DLC for New Super Mario Bros 2

Does anyone else find it odd to talk about downloadable content and Nintendo?  Seeing as they’ve been the ones to never do it, the fact that they have DLC coming out for a game is just about mind-boggling.  Glad to see you’ve caught up to this current console cycle at the very tail end of it Nintendo.  Ah well, I think we all know that Nintendo moves to the beat of a different drum.

Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to snag some additional content for New Super Mario Bros 2 on the 3DS via the Nintendo eShop.  The first round of DLC will consist of 3 packs at $2.50 each with a second and third pack to hit sometime later in October and the November.  So what’s available tomorrow?  Here are the details:

Gold Rush Pack: New courses allowing novice players to collect even more coins and adbanced players to set even higher scores. Translation: Sounds like more courses to play around in.

Coin Challenge Pack A: An online enabled pack which tracks your score and ranks you among other players from around the world.  Translation: leaderboard enabled courses.

Nerve-Wrack Pack: Courses intended more for veteran players looking for new challenges. Translation: Newer gamers need not apply. These are some hard ass maps.

What’s more interesting is that Nintendo also has a video that explains how to find and purchase the DLC.  I guess it makes sense since they’re so new at it.  The video can be seen here.

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