Rumor: Mass Effect 3 Returning to Omega?

So you showed the Illusive Man who’s boss, delivered the knockout blow to the Reapers, found Leviathan, and now you’re looking for more to do in the Mass Effect universe.  Well, if hidden files buried in Mass Effect 3 code are to be believed, Shepard and the gang will be taking the fight back to the Omega Station in the upcoming DLC.

Over on the Hold the Line forums, data miners have unearthed what looks to be dialogue between Aria T’Loak and Commander Shepard in regards to taking back the Omega Station from Cerberus.  Rumor has it that Cerberus is trying to starve Omega to get them on their side instituting a blockade preventing any food or aid from coming in.  This would reflect on the inside as the popular nightclub, Afterlife would be empty, the music and lights off.  There also may be a Zaeed appearance as well, though no word on how big or small.

Originally a major hub in Mass Effect 2, Omega was a no show in the third game.  In terms of overall story, it would make sense that we’d return there if only to find out what happened between the second and third game.  Aria is in the third game, only this time stationed on the Citadel.  She does make a passing reference to Omega, but it’s never detailed further which I’m guessing disappointed many fans.  While BioWare has only confirmed Omega has a location in the DLC, consider the rest of this just rumor and speculation.  With only a vague “Fall” release window, we should be hearing more about this one sooner than later.

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