Tactical Assist – Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Achievement Guide and Other Easter Eggs

With the third expansion pack, Armored Kill, now available for Battlefield 3 (and all consoles/player types), there’s also more achievements/trophies to earn. Tactical Assist is back ready to help you claim the next 5.  Not sure if it was intentional or not, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble earning these.  In addition, DICE has peppered in a number of very cool easter eggs so I’m including those here as well for your enjoyment.

Hop into that Tank soldier and lets trek forward, shall we?

The Rundown:
This time around Armored Kill is packing 5 additional achievements to collect for an additional 120 gamerscore and for you PS3 players, 2 silver and 3 bronze.  While the majority are pretty basic (Death From Above), 1 of them will take a bit of time to get.  Let’s take a look:

Death From Above – 20G/Bronze
Get 1 kill with the gunship
This one shouldn’t take too long as one of the primary new features in this DLC pack is the new Gunship.  It moves around the map on autopilot and 2 gunners focus on wrecking havoc on the map.  Honestly, the most difficult aspect will be actually spawning into the gunship as it only holds two seats.  In Rush, it’s only available to the attackers and in conquest, your team will need to hold the particular flag with the gunship icon next to it.

Destroyer – 30G/Silver
Get 10 kills each with Tank Destroyers and Mobile Artilleries
This one, while pretty straightforward, will be the one that probably takes up most of your time.  These vehicles are available in Rush, Conquest, and the new Tank Superiority mode and you’ll need to get 10 kill with each type of vehicle.  The faction does not matter.

Alternative Method: Use the gunship and get 10 kills as this will unlock Anti-Air missiles on all Mobile Artillery units so instead of trying to take out ground units, you can sit back and pick off things in the air from a safe distance.

Offroad 20G/Bronze
Get one kill with the quad bike
Also returning to Battlefield is the quad bike.  This one isn’t hard but it’ll require some skill on your part as it’s one of those “easier said than done” types.  You’ll definitely want to find someone not paying attention or take them out from behind because you’re a fairly easy target for someone facing you.  Either that, or try to storm into a heavily populated area.

Alternative Method: One tip that also works is laying down some AT Mines and then going off to hide while sitting on the bike.  If you’re sitting on the bike and you get a kill with the mine, you should still get credit.

Superiority – 20G/Bronze
Win one round of Tank Superiority
Very easy and will come with time the more games you play.  All you need to do is play the new game mode, Tank Superiority, which is basically like King of the Hill.  Instead with giant metal tanks all fighting over one spot.  Believe me, it gets crazy and is a ton of fun.

Dropship – 30G/Silver
Destroy the Gunship
This one should also come with time as from my play throughs, the Gunship isn’t as heavily armored as it looks.  Typically, it goes down pretty fast as the majority of the players stop to take it out as soon as it appears.  Either play the engineer class, use a jet, or find some other creative way to take down the gunship.

Easter Eggs:
Dice really does like their hidden content and Armored Kill is no exception.  Here is a list of some of the cooler things DICE has left for players to find.

Arborz Mountain
T-Rex Skull: I like to think of this one as a hint to what their planning in what hopefully will be a Dinosaur Mode. If you’re playing on Conquest, this one is located far to the west of A in the mountains.

Gnome Party: Down near the “A” flag during conquest is a little shack.  You’ll need to find a way to get in side (explosives) but once you do, a little garden gnome will be hanging out inside.  Also near the big dome tower, there’s a cliff where another one resides.  No idea what this means if anything.

Death Valley
Mirror’s Edge: I knew that would catch your attention.  in one of the hanging shipping containers lays the messenger bag from DICE’s First Person parkour game, Mirror’s Edge.  The shipping crate will be suspended by a crane from the tallest building. Can’t miss it, but it’ll take some practice getting to.  The cool thing is that the theme will begin to play when you’re standing right near it.

Armored Shield
More Gnomes: Want even more? Well you’ll be able to find a whole lot of gnomes on this map located in the backyard of a house near the southwest corner.  Funnier yet?  The gnomes say “ow” if blown up.  Still, no idea what this means.

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