BioWare News: The Doctors Check Out While More Mass Effect Checks In

Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk, the guys that co-founded RPG powerhouse BioWare, announced yesterday that they’re retiring from the industry much to everyone’s surprise.  It seems this has been in play for a few months though to the public, it’s a complete shock.

Dr. Ray will be entering into the entrepreneurship field choosing to invest and mentor new entrepreneurs with a focus on social/impact investing.  Dr. Greg on the other hand expressed that his passion for the industry had been fading as of late and as such he plans to spend a lot of time with friends and family.  In addition, he’s going to be starting a project called The Beer Diaries (not kidding at all on this one), where he’ll be interviewing notable brewers and showcase their beer.

If you want more detail on what the good doctors are up to next, have a look at their blog posts about the situation here and here.  I wish the guys all the best in their future endeavors as they’ve given me some great gaming memories over the years.

Meanwhile, on the more Mass Effect front, later that same day BioWare announced additional downloadable content for Mass Effect 3 and that a brand new IP set in the universe is underway.  The next Mass Effect 3 DLC is another single player expansion, this time focusing on the seedy space port of Omega which was prominently featured in the second game.  No other details were given outside of the fact that it’s targeted for a Fall release.

Lastly, BioWare revealed that executive producer, Casey Hudson, is hard at work creating a brand new Mass Effect game.  No details were provided but it looks like this game is being built from the ground up (do I smell another Frostbite 2 powered EA game?) and it’s going to be set within the same universe.  No word on if it’s during Commander Shepard’s timeline though at this point, it’s really anyone’s guess as there’s a ton of directions they could go at this point.  Since it’s so early on in the development stage, it also could be positioned for next generation consoles as well.

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