Tactical Assist – Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Acheivement Guide

Need some help nailing down those last few achievements or trophies for Battlefield 3’s latest DLC pack, Close Quarters?  If you’re looking for the inside knowledge on getting every last one then you’ve come to the right place.  This Tactical Assist is dedicated to helping you nab all of those dastardly trophies and not get shot down doing it.  Alright, that last bit is more on you, but hey, at least you’ll have the tools you need.

So grab your gun soldier and lets tag those achievements, shall we? 

The Rundown:
Close Quarters brings 5 new achievements/trophies to the table adding 120 Gamerscore or 3 Bronze and 2 Silver trophies.  There’s nothing too crazy here as all of them can be had fairly easily.  One of them though will take some time getting.  Lets jump in:

Dominator – 20G / Bronze
Win a round of Conquest Domination
Honestly, this one is the easiest of the bunch.  Conquest Domination is the new game mode added to the game and features 3 neutral flags.  The more flags your team controls, the faster your enemies “tickets” drain.  It’s pretty much a very fast pasted version of the popular Conquest mode.  Keep playing, this’ll eventually unlock for you.

Man Of Calibre – 20G / Bronze
Complete a round of Gun Master
Again, pretty straight forward.  Gun Master is another new game mode added and to win, you’ll need to get two kills with every weapon in a list.  You start with a pistol and work your way up 16 tiers.  First to get there wins, but for this achievement, you only need to play once regardless of if you win or not.

Deadly Tools – 30G / Silver
Without dying, get a kill with a Carbine, Pistol, and Rocket Launcher
Based on the description alone, the best class to do this easily with is the engineer class.  Another solid tip is that you don’t have to do it on a Close Quarters map.  Just by downloading the DLC, the achievement is considered “active” so if you’re more comfortable on the bigger maps, you can certainly nail this one there.  Outside of those two tips, there’s really not much else that can help you.  It’s a matter of skill and luck at that point.

Show of Force – 30G / Silver
Get 10 kills with all Close Quarter weapons.
Here’s the big guy of the bunch.  The hardest part of this one is unlocking all of the guns and your proficiency with the different types of weapons.  The guns can be unlocked via the new assignments added, but the interesting bit is they do not need to be unlocked for the kills to count.  You can actually achieve this by picking up the guns off a fallen soldier and using them.  You can also nail most of these guns by playing through a few rounds of Gun Master as well.  Here’s the main list for you.

Assault Class: AUG-A3, SCAR-L

Engineer Class: ACW-R, MTAR-21

Recon Class: M417, JNG-90

Support Class: L86A2, LSAT

All Classes: SPAS-12, M5K

Grinding The Crack – 20G / Bronze
Fall over the edge of Ziba Tower
Jump off the nearest ledge to certain death on the map Ziba Tower and this can be yours!

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