Trials Evolution And The Future Of User-Generated Content

Editor’s Note: Wait, what’s this?  Another article by my cousin?  Wow, well alright then.  With Trials Evolution selling like hotcakes and featuring an insanely powerful editor, my cousin got to wondering about what the future may hold for user-generated content.  Enjoy!

I’d be the first to admit that I have no clue when it comes to game developing. I know enough of what goes on to know how it works but if you had me sit down and try to code out the game itself, I would be lost. Something that I have been thinking about recently is what if games move into the direction where the companies build enough of the game but then give you the tools to do the rest? Take for example Trials Evolution. The second game in the Trials series was amazing, light years better than the original, check out GamerCrash’s review on it.

One of the gems inside the game was the map generator. This was a tool introduced in the first game but the developers really went all in for the new game. The scope of the editor was incredible, giving you so many more options to pick from in terms of building your very own map to share with friends or the people of XBLA! Here is my question. Is it possible that someday the common gamer could become a developer? Think about it, what if the next trials game has everything in it BUT the maps?! You would be able to create the game as you saw fit or be able to download “other people’s” games. It may seem far-fetched but I can see that happening over the next 5-10 years if people become serious about it.

What do you think???

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3 Responses to Trials Evolution And The Future Of User-Generated Content

  1. I think it’s a very viable concept. User-generated content is already leveraged to create great code, entertainment, websites, educational resources, news, and more. I’m sure it’ll continue to creep into the gaming world, and not just with gamers becoming more like developers. Pretty exciting stuff!

    • GamerCrash's Cousin says:

      Yeah, I’ll be curious to see how it pans out. Not sure if bigger companies like Activision will give you the same freedom like Trials does; the tricky part is pricing. I was chatting with GamerCrash about this and we both had trouble figuring out how developers would price something that you basically create. Is it one flat rate for the game or do they charge a fee for something you create that other gamers can download. Either way, it\’s an idel opportunity for companies to find new game developers that are looking to break into the industry but are having a hard time getting recognition. Exciting times lie ahead! Thanks for the response!

    • gamercrash says:

      Also, I mean look at the amazing things players are creating when they get their hands on mod tools or even games (to a lesser extent) like LittleBigPlanet. It seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

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