Soundtrack Central – Summer Jams

With the summer in full swing, what better time to sit back, relax, and listen to some quality music?  Soundtrack Central returns after some time off to bring attention to three more games with a fantastic score.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier
To be honest, this one really took me by surprise as I didn’t expect the score to be as strong as it is.  Featuring a more electronic based soundtrack, Future Soldier sees a collaboration between composer Tom Salta and DJ group Hybrid.  Hybrid brings more of the electronic music to the table while Salta, who worked on Advanced Warfighter, brings a more acoustic/percussion based sound (with minor electronic sounds) to his tracks.  It’s a pretty interesting dynamic between the two and makes for a very interesting listen.  Overall, the soundtrack fits well in the tense and heroic themes presented in the game.  It’s something you don’t expect to be a driving force going in, but is much appreciated (and a nice surprise) while you’re playing.

Recommended Tracks:
Bolivia Streets
Ghost Town

To prepare for the sequel coming in a few months, I felt it was only appropriate to take a look back at the original.  Featuring an original score by Jesper Kyd, Sascha Dikiciyan, Cris Velasco, and Raison Varner this was truly a team effort.  I love Kyd’s work (He did Assassin’s Creed II amongst many other games) and his work here does not disappoint.  Unlike the other two games on this list, Borderlands has a more atmospheric sound to it though the core music does have some electronic support to them on top of the regular instruments..  You can hear the desolate wasteland as you listen to the drum beats, western style sounds, and guitars.  Overall, all of the composers manage to create something unique yet cohesive to the overall experience.  It’s a really well made soundtrack.

Recommended Tracks:
Removing The Bandit Threat
Smoking Out The Bunker
The RakkHive Emerges
Bring Your Guns
Welcome To Fyrestone

Max Payne 3
I already mentioned the fantastic score provided by the band HEALTH in my impressions article, but it bears being mentioned again.  It’s that good.  The band was brought in by Rockstar and basically set loose to do their thing.  They managed to sync up the beats and rhythm you hear to the gameplay so instead of being cinematic, the music tends to drive and fuel the action and gameplay on screen.  HEALTH is considered a “noise rock” band so you’ll be hearing pounding drum beats, light electronic sounds, and driving guitars mixing percussion with synth.  It really fits perfectly with the dark and chaotic world that Max Payne lives in.  Rockstar really hit a home run with this decision.

Recommended Tracks:
Combat Drugs
Max: Theme

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