Wreckateer Ushering In New Xbox 360 Rewards System

For those of you who are picking up Wreckateer this Wednesday, you’ll likely be greeted by an icon for “Avatar Famestars” near the game’s title.  Sure, it’s an odd name but what exactly is it?  Well, think of what Ubisoft does with UPlay.  It’s a kind of rewards system where if you complete a task, you’ll gain points which you can spend on rewards.  No words on what “rewards” will be offered quite yet, but I don’t think it’d be too crazy to assume avatar items.  Here’s hoping for Microsoft fun bucks!

Better yet, Famestar will extend to future Xbox Live Arcade games and ones that have already been released.  Microsoft has already come out and said that it’ll be added to Full House Poker, A Kingdom for Keflings and some upcoming games like Fire Pro Wrestling, Homerun Stars, and Avatar Motocross Madness.  I think I see a pattern developing here as it would seem games that feature your avatar will be included.  Still, no word on when already released games will be updated but it seems going forward, games pegged to feature this will launch with it.

For now, this is a 360 feature only but with all the tech integration Microsoft is pushing through hardware and software like SmartGlass, Windows 8, and Windows Phones, I’d be stunned if this didn’t evolve to those platforms sometime in the future as well.  For a free system that rewards the player for playing, I say bring it on.  Can’t fault free, right?

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