I’m Commander Shepard And This Is My Favorite Mass Effect 3 DLC Update

It seems like now that the “Extended Cut” and ending controversies have seemingly been laid to rest, the DLC wheels have been greased as BioWare m,ay be planning on a couple of content drops coming up soon.  I’ve got a few updates on a couple of packs coming soon to the Sci-Fi shooter.

Not going to lie, this post got way bigger than I intended so I’ve placed it comfortably below the jump.  Click the link to keep reading.

First up is another free multiplayer DLC pack called ‘Earth’.  I can see you rolling your eyes back there.  Unlike the first couple of updates, ‘Earth’ actually has a good amount of content coming your way.  Centered around the battle for Earth, three new maps are coming at you: Firebase Rio, Firebase London, and Firebase Vancouver.  Not only that, SIX new classes are being added to multiplayer.  First thing to note is that they are all human, but the interesting aspect is all seven are bringing brand new skills with them making for an interesting twist on already established classes.  Finally, you’re also getting 3 new N7 class weapons (N7 Piranha Shotgun, N7 Typhoon Assault Rifle and Acolyte Pistol), 11 gear upgrades, 12 weapon modes, a new Platinum difficulty, and a new mid game objective where you’ll have to help escort a targetted agent to the extraction zone in addition to keeping him alive.

Now for those classes.  Here’s the full list and their abilities:

N7 Demolisher (Engineer Class): Homing Grenade, Arc Grenade, Supply Pylon

N7 Destroyer (Soldier Class): Multi-Frag Grenade, Missile Launcher, Devastator Mode

N7 Fury (Adept Class): Throw, Annihilation Field, Dark Channel

N7 Paladin (Sentinel Class, carries an omni-shield): Snap Freeze, Incinerate, Energy Drain

N7 Shadow (Infiltrator Class): Tactical Cloak, Shadow Strike, Electric Slash

N7 Slayer (Vanguard Class): Phase Disruptor, Biotic Charge, Biotic Slash

Finally, it seems we’re finally going to get our hands on single player DLC content sooner than later.  Recently, voice actor Anthony Skordi has come out and confirmed that he’ll be voicing an outcast Reaper named Leviathan.  Turns out, Leviathan was cast out after killing one of his own.  Shepard and the gang come across him in an abandoned mine searching for a scientist.  Before you get excited about a Reaper squad mate, it looks as though Leviathan will only be able to become a war asset.  Ah well, one can dream right?  I’m sure we’ll be getting the official word on this DLC pack in the coming weeks.

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2 Responses to I’m Commander Shepard And This Is My Favorite Mass Effect 3 DLC Update

  1. Love the idea of new combat classes! My sentinel could use some brushing up.

    • gamercrash says:

      Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, these new classes breathe some new life into the established ones and I’m really happy for that. You know what you’re getting into but there’s enough unique features there for a fresh experience. Much appreciated. Like the Destroyer’s shoulder mounted Rocket Launcher, the Paladin’s Omni Shield and even the Demolisher’s supply pylon, they manage to change up the traditional gameplay.

      Now there’s just the matter of actually finding these units in the packs….

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