Gotham Rumor Section: Rocksteady’s Next Game

If you’ve been wondering what’s next for the Caped Crusader and Rocksteady after the amazing Arkham City hit store shelves last year, then if this rumor is true, we’ll be heading back into Batman’s past for a prequel story.

If the report from Variety is to be believed, the next Batman game from Rocksteady will introduce members of the Justice League.  That’s right, we’re heading back into the Silver Age of DC Comics showing when Batman first met the Joker.  I know, sounds like a bad romance novel the way I described it.  So we can expect to team up with the likes of Superman, The Flash, and the other members of the Justice League of America.  And hey, at least this gives us a reason to try and get Mark Hamill involved again, right?

So what’s the main reason for this switch in direction?  Turns out, parent company, Warner Bros is trying to expose the public to the Justice League as they prepare a movie set to release sometime in 2015.  It makes sense when you think about recent/upcoming games coming from Warner Bros including LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and the upcoming fighter, Injustice: Gods Among Us.  They definitely seem to be trying to bring more awareness to their super heroes especially after Marvel’s success with The Avengers.  Not only that, Rocksteady has created a very popular brand in the Arkham games so this seems like a very smart move.  This new game will be set to release sometime in 2014 so we definitely have some time on our hands before we’ll be able to dive into Rocksteady’s next.  Who’s up for some Aquaman action?!?!

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3 Responses to Gotham Rumor Section: Rocksteady’s Next Game

  1. ldkdarkkinght says:

    i want rocksteady to do another arkham game cause if the don’t they would leave out a lot of other villins and what about scarecrow in arkham city there was an easter egg that said i will return batman or somthing like that and if rocksteady does another arkham game it would be HUGE!!!!!!!!!! with all of the villns but if the have dlc’s insted it would still be cool but i want still want a new game

    • ldkdarkkinght says:

      also i hpe they do it in gotham so we can have the bat, the tumbler and the bat pod

    • gamercrash says:

      Yeah, good point. I forgot all about the Scarecrow hidden message. Still this is all speculation and rumor. At the very least, I’m sure we’ll be revisiting the Arkhamverse at some point as WB and Rocksteady would be stupid not to seeing as how the franchise is a cash cow.

      On the other hand, I can understand where the rumor is coming from as well considering how hard WB is pushing the Justice League characters into different media these days.

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