Awaken Your Inner Director With Valve’s Source Filmmaker

Along with the 3 Days of Pyromania that’s been going on, Valve also dropped a wonderful surprise on gamers out there.  The tools that they’ve used to create all of those fantastic, funny, and impressive trailers is now available to us for free.  That’s right, now all of your filmmaking dreams can come true.  Think you could make a better trailer?  Now’s your chance to prove it.

Currently in beta form, the Source Filmmaker has been used in Valve trailers for the past 7 years.  The tool can also make a movie from any game using the Source Engine currently as well, so you’ll have everything from Half-Life to Portal 2 at your disposal.  Frankly, I’m very intimidated by the tool but oh so excited.  This looks to be a fantastic way to create some really great stuff, as long as you put the time into it.  Valve just gained another 50 respect points from me. 

Interested in signing up for the beta?  Here’s the link you’ll want to begin shooting your own video today.  In the meantime, why not check out the introductory video to help whet your appetite?

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