Left 4 Dead and Payday: The Heist Crossover

Well, it looks like the Overkill Studios and Valve collaboration has finally come to the surface.  The two companies have come together to work on Payday: The Heist – No Mercy, which was revealed in a trailer posted on YouTube which has since been pulled. 

The game will be a Payday game set in the fictional Left 4 Dead hospital, Mercy Hospital, which we first saw in the Left 4 Dead episode, No Mercy.  The YouTube description mentioned that this would explain how the Left 4 Dead series began.  So I’m guessing we’re either dealing with the world’s biggest butterfinger or the heist involved stealing some sort of chemical/drug which eventually causes the zombie outbreak.

No word on dates, pricing, or if this is some sort of Payday expansion or a full-blown standalone title.  Either way, it’ll be interesting to see when the big reveal is finally shown.  Sounds like a very cool concept.  Prep your shotguns and grab your pills, because there are some witches to hunt.

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