Max Payne 3 and Rockstar’s Plans for Cheaters: Virtual Jail

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I hear Rockstar’s plans for dealing with the cheaters and miscreants on the multiplayer side of Max Payne 3.  I have to admit, it’s pretty inventive.

Instead of using the holy might of the Banhammer, people caught using exploits, hacks, cheats, and mods will be rounded up and dumped into a “Cheaters Pool.”  Essentially, they’re removed from normal civilian life and thrown in their own server to fight amongst each other.  Some may be redeemed and return to normal society after a time, but since it’s a one strike and you’re out system, if you’re caught cheating again, you’re thrown into the cheaters pool forever. 

I don’t know if this means that cheating has become a large issue or if this was in the works from the very start, but I do like this idea.  Rockstar is even asking for help from us common folks in pointing out cheaters.  If you happen to see something shady like infinite adrenaline, score cheating or invincibility, let Rockstar know by emailing them at with the platform, ID of the cheater, a description of the issue, and any evidence you have.  Good work Rockstar.

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5 Responses to Max Payne 3 and Rockstar’s Plans for Cheaters: Virtual Jail

  1. I love this idea, and picture a sort of virtual Escape from New York environment. I also can’t help but delight in a cheater getting stuck with other cheaters, than bitching that everyone is cheating so they can’t win.

    Kudos, Rockstar.

    • gamercrash says:

      haha i know right. Honestly, I would love to be able to somehow watch the matches populated by cheaters. Just imagine, characters teleporting around a map, never dying, warping underneath the map….Think of the hilarity!

  2. Karl Weller says:

    Rockstar should be appointed in full control of the UK judicial system. It would be far more effective!

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