Batman: Arkham City – Harley Quinn’s Revenge Impressions

Been looking for a reason to jump back into Arkham City?  Rocksteady has finally delivered some single player content for players to sink their teeth into. Here we pick back up with Harley Quinn in charge of a new group of thugs and Batman has gone missing near the old Steel Mill.  Could these two things be linked?  You’ll be picking things back up with Robin as he sets off to unravel the mystery and put a stop to Harley Quinn’s plans.

My full impressions await after the jump.  Fair warning: since this content takes place after the events of the main game, there will be spoilers.  Read at your own risk.

The story picks back up about six weeks after the events in Arkham City with Batman basically off the radar.  We start things off with Robin this time around, who’s gone inside the now broken Arkham City to figure out what happened to The Dark Knight.  Harley Quinn has been up to something ever since The Joker died and has even gone as far as taking up a position in his old base, The Steel Mill, with a whole new group of thugs.  Rocksteady introduces a kind of mystery style story as we switch back and forth from Robin, to Batman as we get to also see what happened to him.  Plus, we get to see Batman be a dick to Robin a few more times.  I’m thinking he needs to lighten up a little.

The real star of the DLC has got to be Robin.  Leave your thoughts on Batman’s side kick at the door, because Rocksteady’s version is a confident badass.  While the gameplay mechanics remain the same from the core game, Robin does come equipped with new gadgets that are just as fun to use in combat.  Robin has access to a grappling gun as well, though instead of yanking the enemy towards him, Robin actually comes at them with a flying kick.  You’re also getting a Snap flash which is pretty much a sticky flashbang.  You’ll stick it to an enemy and it can be remotely detonated taking out anyone around the enemy.  Robin also has a very handy Bullet Shield which…well…is exactly what it sounds like.  Though not to be an instant win button, it’ll take damage and will eventually need to be put away before it can be used again.  It’s ultimately similar but different enough to provide a fresh experience.  Plus, you get to see some brutal combat animations from Robin with his staff.

It’s also worth noting that the DLC campaign doesn’t tie into your main game as it can be accessed via a separate tile in the main menu.  This also means that the side quests, Riddler challenges, and anything else you left behind won’t apply to this.  In fact, I’d say 75% of Arkham City isn’t accessible as you’re confined to the Industrial District section of the map.  With that said, there are collectables to find and achievements/trophies to unlock. 

Like I mentioned, the DLC will run you about two hours, and the story is definitely cool, but it won’t do anything to really knock you off your feet.  Robin hints at the fact that Batman just isn’t the same after Talia and The Joker’s deaths.  I kind of wish they explored that a bit further, but perhaps that’ll be the primary focus in the next game…if they’re going that route?  One can hope because that could be a very interesting plot twist being able to delve into Batman’s psyche a bit further.  For 10 bucks, I was ok with the two-hour story mainly because the core game is so great and we’re getting more of it with this.  I figured I should bring that up just in case some of you are gun-shy about the price tag. 

Overall, I found Harley Quinn’s Revenge to be very satisfying, if not just another opportunity to dive back into this compelling world that Rocksteady has created.  It’s nice to see Harley Quinn again and see the wild changes she’s made to the Joker’s old hangout spot.  It’s both unsettling and interesting seeing a huge shrine built in the Joker’s honor and seeing banners with inspirational messages towards Mr. J hanging around the steel mill.  I’m hoping that there’s more on the way to continue the story line, but I’m thinking that’ll have to wait till the next game.  I’d definitely recommend this for people who loved the main game.  It’s a lot of fun, and definitely a treat to dive into the world with a character other than the Caped Crusader for once.

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