E3 2012: Come See the Future Of Games Today

While I’m readying my Sony and Ubisoft E3 2012 recaps, I recently came across some very interesting news regarding what you and I will be playing in the near future.  Obviously, I needed to share this with you. 

Recently, both Epic Games and Square Enix released tech demos of their upcoming game engines which are being primed and readied for the next generation of games.  There’s some pretty intricate and detailed work going on here. 

Epic Games is showing off Unreal Engine 4 which a tech demo called Elemental.  It’s much different from the Samaritan demo they showed off at GDC last year, this time featuring a detailed mountain throne room where an undead knight awakens as a volcano erupts around him.  The lighting and particle effects alone are stunning.  Here’s the demo for your enjoyment:

On the other end of the spectrum, Square Enix also released a tech demo of their Luminous Engine.  This one features a sort of desert village which shows off the fantastic lighting and detailed mountain structure.  Just imagine games based on this.  Incredible.

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