E3 2012: Sam Fisher Returns In Splinter Cell: Blacklist

I was really hoping Ubisoft Toronto would finally show us what they’ve been plugging away at these past two years and sure enough, they delivered during the Microsoft press conference and their own later that same day.

Sam Fisher is back in action, this time picking up six months after the events in Conviction.  Sam has been called in by the government to obtain a blacklist which contains classified intel and the identities of American agents around the globe.  Sam ends up forming Fourth Echelon with Anna Grimsdottir back as his handler and is on a mission to kick ass. He’s basically a one man steamroller.

Conviction retains the stealth gameplay that put the franchise on the map, but also seems to crank up the action from Conviction.  Don’t worry, from the gameplay clip, instead of shoehorning the player into a specific play style, it seems that you’ll have options to play how you want?  Stealth hitman Sam?  Sure, go for it.  Want to play as Action star Sam?  Yup, go right ahead.  I’m getting a serious Assassin’s Creed vibe as well due to how fluid Sam’s motion and traversal are.  Seems like the old guy is getting younger here. 

Here’s the gameplay demo from E3:

What’s better is that the very popular cooperative campaign is making a return and promised to be expanded.  Going along those same lines, Ubisoft Toronto is blowing the cover off the meager multiplayer options in Conviction.  This time around, they’re delivering the much coveted Spies vs Mercenaries mode from Chaos Theory and Double Agent.  No details have been passed down yet but at the very least, this should make series fans very happy.

On a somewhat selfish note, I’m not yet sure how I feel about Michael Ironside no longer voicing the character.  On one hand I can understand it as Ubisoft is moving into the live action, performance grabbing technology for their games and let’s be honest here, No way Ironside could pull off those agile moves.  From that perspective it makes sense.  Five games in however, Sam Fisher is Michael Ironside.  When you think of the character, you hear Ironside’s iconic voice.  New guy Eric Johnson sounds similar, but you can tell it’s different.  With that said, I’m glad Ironside is there to kind of mentor Johnson with the role during these live action scenes. 

Still, the game is looking incredible and I can’t wait to learn more about this one.  I’ve been dying to get more Splinter Cell action and Blacklist looks to be bringing the heat.  Currently, the game is due out next spring.

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