Rumor: More Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Content Incoming

Still playing through Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer but looking for even more content?  According to a post on Sony Hong Kong’s site, upcoming multiplayer content was detailed before being quickly taken down again by the site.  Looks like someone pressed the publish button a little too soon.

If the reports are true, the next DLC pack is called ‘Rebellion’ and features two additional maps and 6 more characters to use.  Not only that, you’re getting 3 new weapons and additional equipment and consumables.  No word specifically on what the weapons are but we do have a very light amount of details on the maps and classes.

The two maps that you’ll be playing on are Firebase Jade which is based in a jungle type of setting, and Firebase Goddess, which is set upon the Asari home world of Thessia.  With this pack, you’ll now get access to the Quarian Engineer and Infiltrator, Vorcha Soldier and Sentinel, and Phoenix Vanguard and Adept.  Like the other classes, you’ll need to unlock them via the various packs that you can purchase through in game currency or real money.  Honestly, no clue what race the “Phoenix” is as I can’t recall it being featured in any of the three previous games.  What I do know is that I’m still waiting for my playable Elcor race. 

Time will tell if this is true or not (I’d bet that it is), when it will release, and how much it is going to be.  Hopefully, it’s another free pack like they did with the last one.

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