7 Minutes of Awesome – Diablo III: Wrath

With a mere 3 days until the Lord of Terror makes his long overdue return to the world, Blizzard is twisting the anticipation screws even more with their recently released video, Diablo III: Wrath. 

In this short film, we see the Angiris Council square off against the forces of Hell.  Our old friend, Deckard Cain, narrates the action, informing us about who they are and what they represent.  After the intro section, we get a well made action sequence involving the Lord of Terror himself and Imperius, the Archangel of Valor.  I’m not sure how this video ties into the game yet but it certainly does raise some interesting questions.  Will Imperius lose control and become corrupted?  Will the Angiris Council remain unified or splinter apart?  What trap has Diablo unleashed?

So prepared to get even more hyped and have the wait become that much more unbearable by watching the video.

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