Want More Max Payne 3 Goodness? Rockstar Delivers

Not satisfied with the campaign and robust multiplayer offerings provided to you by Rockstar in Max Payne 3 already?  Like a magician, Rockstar is pulling another mode out of it’s hat, which aims to keep you hooked and addicted for months to come. Enter Arcade Mode.

In a nutshell, this challenge based mode is all about chaining together stylish kills as you keep a score multiplier as high as possible.  It’ll appeal to you hardcore and old school gamers as well as those who love leaderboard action.  Arcade Mode also breaks up into 2 different modes and they’re unlocked once you beat that chapter in the campaign.  It’s set up to keep you saying, “just one more time.”

Score Attack is your first option in Arcade and it’s all about the kills.  The more stylish the kill, the higher your points total will rise and performing things like using bullet time to dive around and rolling around on the floor picking people off will earn you multipliers.  Don’t worry about body shots as those only net you 10 points so you’ll want to aim for heads (100), destroying vehicles (250), or even up close blasts (200).  To help balance things out, you will lose points for doing things like killing civilians, getting hit, or popping pills.  Needless to say, you’ll need to strike a balance between being badass and being smart.

The other mode is called New York Minute and plays much differently from Score Attack.  This one is built around pure speed and skill as you have 60 seconds at the start of each mission.  Need more time?  Well, you’ll need to get some kills and headshots to add time to the meter and keep going.

Arcade mode seems like it’ll be a nice change of pace and also a huge time sink.  It has that Trials vibe where it’ll strike some competitive battles between friends and also have you completely addicted to improving your times and smashing the leaderboard to bits.  Either way, it’s a nice add-on bonus to an already robust package from Rockstar.  I can’t wait to get my hands on this one next week.

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