Bethesda Reveals Skyrim’s First DLC…Well…Almost

In a scant six months after releasing to the wilds, Bethesda has finally revealed the first DLC pack for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  Alright, so that’s actually not true.  In a devious move, we’re only given a logo, a vague release window, the name of the content pack and told to tune into E3 for the big reveal.  Such a tease, Bethesda.

What we do know is that the DLC is called “Dawnguard” and is due out sometime this summer.  Oh, and we have this nifty logo:

In other Dragonborn related news, you can now harness the power of the Thu’um in your living room as this past week, an update to the game makes it possible to use Kinect on the Xbox 360.  The update adds over 200 different voice commands to the game so just be careful not to FUS RO DAH your cat across the room, alright? If you’d like a complete list of the commands, check out this handy PDF file Bethesda put out.

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