Saturday Video Round Up: April 29 – May 5

It’s finally the weekend and to celebrate I’ve got some brand new trailers and gameplay footage waiting for you. Here’s what’s on tap for today’s edition:

If you missed the reveal trailer for this year’s Call of Duty game, then I’ve got it waiting below for you to check out.  Black Ops 2 is exploring the near future as a new cold war breaks out between the US and China.  I wonder how Ubisoft feels about that time frame.  If you’ve been itching for some Hitman Absolution gameplay, well then this was your week.  Square Enix unleashed a very cool gameplay oriented trailer detailing Agent 47 and his deadly art or killing.  Looking for more Elder Scrolls action? Zenimax/Bethesda have finally unvieled the long requested MMO, Edler Scrolls Online and the debut trailer is ready and waiting below the jump.  I’ve also got new videos for Diablo III, StarHawk, Max Payne 3 and so much more after the break, so kick you feet up and come check out this week’s batch of trailers!

Videos await you after the jump.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Debut Trailer
StarHawk – Gone Gold Trailer
Hitman Absolution – Gameplay 1: Introducing Agent 47
Diablo III – End Of Days TV Spot
Max Payne 3 – Multiplayer Gameplay Part 2
StarHawk – Top Ways To Kill Trailer
Elder Scrolls Online – Debut Trailer
SimCity – GlassBox Fire Trailer
Ghost Recon Alpha and Future Solder Crossover Trailer
The Unfinished Swan – Teaser Trailer
Lollipop Chainsaw – Behind the Lollipop Apocalypse Trailer
Saints Row: The Third – Steel Port Gangs DLC Trailer
Awesomenauts – Launch Trailer
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