Rockstar Lays Out It’s Max Payne 3 DLC Plans

Already can’t get enough of Max Payne 3 even though it’s not released yet and is less than 2 weeks away?  Well good because Rockstar has come out and laid out it’s plans for post launch support.  There’s a lot of content here but surprisingly, it doesn’t look as beefy as the content they put out for Read Dead Redemption or Grand Theft Auto IV.  Still, more content is always appreciated so lets take a look.

In total, seven content packs are planned, most of which are map packs.  There is an interesting “Co-Op Pack” which has my attention however.  I’m looking forward to learning more about that.  The content drops will begin in June and run until the fall. 

Here’s the complete list:

June 2012:
Local Justice Map Pack

Summer 2012:
Disorganized Crime Map Pack
Deathmatch Made In Heaven Map Pack
Hostage Negotiation Map Pack
New York Minute Co-Op Pack

Fall 2012:
Painful Memories Map Pack
Trickle Down Economics Map Pack

In the good tradition of high profile game releases now a days, you can grab all of this content by purchasing the Rockstar Pass which will net you a savings of 35% instead of buying each separately when all is said and done.  The DLC pass will set you back $30 but that’s a small price to pay to slow motion dive through a window while nailing the perfect headshot on that unsuspecting player, right?

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