Rayman Legends Leak Gets Official Confirmation

Have to love when a video or content leaks out about an unannounced game and instead of denying it, the parent company issues a statement basically saying, “Yup, it’s true.”

We’ve seen it become more common now a days and most recently, Ubisoft has confirmed the existence of Rayman Legends after a trailer leaked out showing gameplay and featuring the WiiU exclusive content.  As a big fan of last year’s fantastic Rayman Origins, I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.  It looks even better.

In the video, we see Rayman and friends once again battling it out on a 2D plane in a 3D environment.  One thing I noticed is that the foreground and background interaction is much improved over Origins shown by a large dragon sweeping over the level from the front to the back of the screen.  Graphically, things look even better while still retaining that unique look that Origins had.  Rayman Legend’s rendering looks much improved, and there’s now an online component, which was my only real big complaint from Origins.  The game shines in multiplayer so I’m glad we’re able to now go online as well.  Oh, plus there looks like a way to scan in characters similar to what Activision has done with Spyro lately.  In the trailer you’ll see a Rabbid get scanned in, an extra heart and they even hint at other characters like Ezio from Assassin’s Creed.  Not sure if this will be a universal feature, a WiiU only feature, or just something Ubisoft would love to implement.

If you’re curious, here’s the video in question:

As I mentioned, Ubisoft did come out and admit the game does in fact exist.  The even refered to the game as Rayman Origin’s sequel and that Michel Ancel is working on the project.  One additional thing they mentioned is that the video is purely an “internal demonstrative video and in NO way represents the final product or the console and it’s features.”  Frankly, I hope that isn’t true because the trailer looks spectacular already. Give me more of that Ubisoft.  Take my money.

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