Saturday Video Round Up: April 22 – 28

It’s finally the weekend and to celebrate I’ve got some brand new trailers and gameplay footage waiting for you.  Here’s what’s on tap for today’s edition:

If you’ve been waiting to see the recently announced Crysis 3 in action, well here is your chance.  Crytek has released a brand new video showing off some gameplay from the upcoming game.  As usual, it looks damn impressive.  Starhawk is back this week giving you a rundown on the storyline for the upcoming third person action…RTS…flight…hybrid game.  I’ve also got the first video for Sony’s just announced Playstation All-Star Battle Royale. Come witness Kratos beating the crap out of PaRappa the Rappa and Sweet Tooth with Hades stomping on some Patapons in the background.  If you’re confused, watch the video.  I’ve also got new trailers for Portal 2 DLC, Battlefield 3 DLC, Hitman Absolution and so much more after the break, so kick you feet up and come check out this week’s batch of trailers!

Videos await you after the jump.

Crysis 3 – Gameplay Trailer
Batman: Arkham City – Game of the Year Trailer
Battlefield 3 – Donya Fortress DLC Map Trailer
Hitman Absolution – Travis ICA File Trailer
Starhawk – Campaign Trailer
Portal 2 – Creation Trailer
Reset – Debut Trailer
Deadlight – Setting Developer Diary
Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal – Developer Interview
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Gunsmith Addict Trailer
Tribes: Ascend – Rage and Pillage Developer Diary
Dead or Alive 5 – Hotzone Gameplay
The Walking Dead – Story Trailer
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