Portal 2 ‘Still Alive’ With More DLC

Hello there astronauts, Olympians, and/or science enthusiast!  Cave Johnson here wondering if you’re looking for more ways to cramp that old grey matter of yours. If you’ve beaten GLaDOS for the umpteenth time and are looking to strain your brain with all new puzzles, then I know what you’ll be doing on May 8.  The lab boys over at Valve have heard your cries for more content and they’ve been planning to deliver you additional DLC even a year after the game’s initial release in 2011.  Ah, but this is no ordinary content pack, friend of science.

What’s better than new levels to challenge you?  How about a how level editor? We’re calling it the Perpetual Testing Initiative and we’re giving you access to our most guarded secrets.  You’ll be able to get your hands on crushers (we sell those), propulsion gel (we also sell those), and everything in between (which we also sell).  Not only that, it’s all free…wait what? If you’ve got a thing for the community, you can also upload your creation and browse the works of other test subjects as well.  I’ve been told we have a trailer for this as well, but I’m going to hold it back until tomorrow….because I can.

Alright, now for the bad news. Currently, this is coming only to you PC players test subjects through Steamworks.  If you’re a console player, there’s no word yet.  If you’re playing this on the Xbox 360, I’m going to say your out of luck as Steamworks isn’t on the 360 at all.  Now get out there and make Aperture Science proud with your devious designs! Unless you’re in group 3 Alpha.  You’re getting Mantis Men.  Good News? It’s free.  Bad News? Mantis Men.

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