Harley Quinn Returns To Arkham City This April

Foiled the Riddler, iced Mr. Freeze, wacked the Joker and now you’re itching for more crime to bust within the dark streets of Arkham City?  Luckily for you, Rocksteady is planning to return to the Dark Knight on April 30 with a hefty sized single player DLC offering. 

Entitled Harley Quinn’s Revenge, players will enter back into the walled off city of thugs as Batman once again to deal with Harley Quinn and her new following.  Needless to say, she’s a bit pissed about what happened at the end of the main game.  Players will be able to switch off with Robin during gameplay in what I’m guessing will be similar to what they did with Catwoman.  The DLC will bring over two hours of additional content and extra achievements/trophies as well.

So you don’t have the game? Well, besides missing out on one of the best games of last year, Rocksteady is also giving you a second chance as they are planning on releasing a Game of the Year edition on May 29.  In addition to including the game itself, you’re getting all of the DLC, including the Harley Quinn expansion, alternate skins, and challenge map offerings.  You’re also getting the animated movie, Batman: Year One via a code packed in with the disk.  Now you really have no excuse not to pick this one up.

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