SSX Is Getting ‘Tricky’ In May

Care to return to a simpler time?  A time when all you had to worry about was nailing that perfect 1080 backflip over a neon snow bank with fireworks lighting up the night sky overhead?  Tired of getting grounded by rogue avalanches or crushed by jagged rocks?  Good news my friend, EA Canada has just the thing for you.

Coming to consoles on May 1, we’re going back to the early 2000s with the Mt. Eddie DLC Pack for the arcadey snowboarding title, SSX.  The DLC will actually encompass two packs, one being the retro mountain itself complete with nine drops for racing and tricking alike.  The second pack will be a “classic characters” pack taken from Tricky and SSX3 each with a unique snowboard and alternative colorways for their outfits.  Not only that, the first pack will also contain 3 classic music tracks.  Unfortunately, no word on the music or characters coming quite yet.

If this sounds good to you, both packs can be had for around 6 bucks each. If you can decide, then you can have both in a bundle back for a mere 8 bucks.  Not a bad deal if I do say so myself.

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