And Sony’s Big Announcement Is…God of War: Ascension

These past few weeks Sony’s has been teasing a big announcement set to unveil on April 19.  Turns out, it should have read April 18th because it leaked out all over the place the night before.  Regardless, Sony announced that its angry anti-hero Kratos, is once again coming back to the PS3 with God of War: Ascension.

So you may be wondering where Kratos is directing his anger this time around.  As cool as it would be to see him go toe to toe with Egypt’s God of the Sun, Ra, or the Norse Lord himself, Odin, it just isn’t happening.  Since the Greek pantheon of Gods has also been just about exterminated, we’re going back in time before he became the Ghost of Sparta.  Little details have actually come out about the plot but if I had to guess, I’d assume we’d be concentrating on his time as a Spartan general. 

The game is being lorded over by God of War 3 Design Director, Todd Papy, who also becomes the series 4th director in as many console games.  If you’re itching to see the teaser trailer, come back tomorrow as I have it in my weekly Video Round up in addition to a ton of other great trailers.  Ascension is due out sometime next spring, 2013.

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