Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD As A Platform?

I know many of us are licking our lips at being able to return to the late 90’s with Activision’s downloadable revival of a long dead genre as the upcoming Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD makes its grand return. 

Did you know however, that Mr. Hawk originally pitched the idea for an HD remake several years ago?  That’s probably before HD remakes were even cool, right?  Turns out that Activision shot down the idea at the time probably because bringing back older games and HD-ifying them wasn’t quite a wide-spread thing quite yet.  At least, not like it is now a days.  They also probably wanted to ensure that they’d make money off the project.  With how the skating series was in a tailspin in terms of quality and fan support, I can see their point.

Fast forward to 2012 however and with this title coming to consoles as a downloadable title, Hawk is looking at making Pro Skater HD become a sort of platform unto itself.  The idea is that through DLC, Activision will release even more levels spanning more games in the series and eventually even new content entirely.  Thus, making this little downloadable game into something more akin to a platform rather than just a simple game.

Sounds pretty sweet right?  Well hold the phone.  Activision isn’t quite on board yet.  They’re taking a wait and see approach which kind of sucks if you’re a fan of the series during its heyday.  I can’t say I blame them however as the skating genre has really fallen off the map so they’re probably unsure of how it’ll sell.  Honestly though, with a twinge of nostalgia mixed with sweet, old school gameplay, I’m not too worried about this one.  Here’s hoping Tony Hawk get’s his wish.

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