Soundtrack Central – 2012 Edition

I know you’ve been craving some good music, so I’ve decided to bring back Soundtrack Central to help you out.  It’s been gone far too long anyway.  Here are three games from the early part of this year with some ear pleasing tunes.

Ok, we’re not talking about the licensed tracks here, we’re going full-bore with the tracks created for the game by such artists as The Qemists, Camo & Krooked, Amon Tobin, Raffertie and Konrad OldMoney.  Typically you’ll here these tracks come on during the Survive It events in addition to them being mixed into the overall soundtrack for regular events.  They manage to keep the game’s theme in mind with electronic beats, intense rhythm, and drum and bass.  For an extreme sports title, it fits perfectly.  All 10 tracks are really great but if you’re looking for a few standouts, check out Heat, People’s Gravity, and Snowfall.

Recommended Tracks:
Clear Skys – Amon Tobin
Heat – Camo & Krooked
People’s Gravity – The Qemists
Snowfall – Raffertie
The Grid – Camo & Krooked

Mass Effect 3
While the ending may be under a ton of controversy by the masses, we can all agree that the music is once again a standout element to this game.  With previous composer Jack Wall out, Mass Effect 3 is led by well known film composer Clint Mansell along with Sam Hulick, Christopher Lennertz, Cris Velasco, and Sasha Dikicyan. Too many cooks in the kitchen you say? Nay, says I.  Mass Effect 3 keeps with the sci-fi electro beats of the first two games and gives us something that would fit in movies like Blade Runner or Star Wars to an extent.  It fits extremely well and somehow the soundtrack manages to incorporate the themes of the game such as survival and hopelessness.  Take for example Clint Mansell’s excellent “Leaving Earth”.  You can hear many themes in this piece including sadness, hope, and struggle.  The piano work is beautifully done.  “Mars” feels like a track ripped out of the first game mixed in with the tense action elements from the second.  It’s a great hybrid track and one that’s filled with tension.  Overall, the soundtrack is well done and integrated nicely into the game as a whole. 

Recommended Tracks:
An End, Once and For All
Leaving Earth
Reaper Chase

If there’s one thing that’ll remain with me from this game, it has to be the wonderfully integrated music. Composed by Austin Wintory who seems to be big in the film industry, Journey features a sweeping and epic orchestral score filled with violins, flutes, cellos, and other instruments you’d expect to hear in an orchestra.  The thing they managed to pull of though is keeping the sound of it unique and unidentifiable to any specific culture.  The music also helps to create that air of mystery and pokes you along to keep going.  The game and the music create a great harmony together.  Apotheosis is a great starting point to this soundtrack featuring fantastic violin work.  If you’re in the mood for a strong cello and wind instruments, check out Nascence.  Interested in the rest? The full soundtrack can be purchased via retail on April 10.

Recommended Tracks:
Road of Trails

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