Bungie Says Goodbye to Halo In Style

Well, yesterday marked the official end of Bungie and Halo as the franchise was fully transferred over to Microsoft’s 343 Industries.  It’s almost like Bungie washing it’s hands of the series, but then that would imply bad blood which isn’t the case at all.  Just a case of moving on to try new things.  I believe the college kids call it ‘experimenting’.  The good news is that Bungie is going to continue to host the historical Halo data as long as the internet remains online (and as long as the server can hold out), so you know where to go if you need a refresher on the match you played a few years ago.  The last thing Bungie did before the final transfer however, was to create a giant infographic to show just how dedicated we are to those space Spartans and destroying one another online.

I came across this graphic the other day and I was just really shocked and amused at the incredible numbers all of us tallied together.  Bungie added in statistics like total time played (235,182 years?!?!), total amount of kills broken down by each Halo game, kills broken down by weapons, and even how many games we’ve played in total (20,880,250,123 games in total, holy crap people).  There’s some crazy numbers and if you’re interested in seeing the breakdown for yourself, check below the break as I’ve posted it for your viewing pleasure.

So thanks for the memories Bungie, it’s been a great ride.  We’ll see you on the other side with…well…what ever it is you’re doing with Activision and the 10 year contract you signed with them.

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