Fright Night Continues: Final Heavy Hitter Revealed for BioShock Infinite

If you thought the Boys of Silence were creepy as hell, just wait until you see the last Heavy Hitter in BioShock Infinite.  Introducing the Siren, who can literally resurrect the dead.  Yeah, we’re dealing with the paranormal now.

The Siren seems to be one of those enemies that forces you to make a decision going in.  Do you deal with her first in order to stop her from bringing back the dead even though she’s not directly harming you, or do you deal with the immediate threat of the enemies shooting at you.  She’s also very distressing to look at as she’s wearing this flowy and tattered gown and again, we can’t see her face.  Not only that, she sings to bring back the dead which tells me it’s also going to be extremely creepy.

It’s funny how this game has seemingly taken a creepy turn.  I have to admit that I do love the research the team at Irrational puts into their games.  One thing about them is that they never do something just to do it.  Everything is really well thought out and based on something in history.  The Siren for example, is heavily influenced by the spiritual movement that, at that time, was sweeping the nation.  Again, this one is my most anticipated game of the year and I can’t wait to see more.  I’ll have the video up for you guys on Saturday along with the rest of the Round Up.

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