Microsoft Reveals “Arcade Next” Promo for April

If you’ve been waiting patiently for Minecraft or a few other high profile Arcade games, then it’s your lucky day.  This past week, Major Nelson pulled back the curtain on another Microsoft Arcade Promo (man these things are spawning faster and faster huh?) called Arcade Next, which is coming later in April.  Curious to know what games are available and when?  Here’s the complete list:

Title: Trials: Evolution
Release Date:
April 18
Price: 1200 MSP
What Is it?
Essentially the follow-up to the very popular Trials HD, only way crazier.  Brand new locations to race outside of the warehouse, day/night cycles, an extremely powerful world editor that lets you create non-racing style game modes, offline and online multiplayer modes, and the ability to upload and download user-created maps and games.  Pretty much everything you’ve wanted and more.

Title: Bloodforge
Release Date: April 25
Price: 1200 MSP
What Is it?
Set in an ancient Celtic world, Bloodforge is an action hack and slash game.  The art style is vastly different from the other three games as it’s more mature, dark, and gritty.  You’ll take the hero Crom and eventually decide the fate of the ruling Gods.

Title: Fable Heroes
Release Date: May 2
Price: 800 MSP
What Is it?
Lionhead Studios is changing up the Fable formula as Heroes is actually a hack and slash title in the veins of a game like Castle Crashers.  The art style is highly stylized with bright colors so without the name Fable in it, you probably wouldn’t even realize.  Gamers can pick from famous Fable characters as they adventure through the game like Reaver, Hammer, and Garth to name a few.  Players can level up and compete with their friends for high scores and coins.  Not only that, coins collected can be imported into Fable: The Journey when that releases.

Title: Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
Release Date: May 9
Price: 1600 MSP
What Is it?
Basically, the PC game that took the world by storm comes to the 360.  Still a massive sandbox that lets you play how you want, the 360 version comes with a full tutorial, new crafting interface in addition to offline and online multiplayer.

Strangely enough, no details about special deals have been announced like they normally do for all of their arcade promotions such as Summer of Arcade and House Party.  Usually, if you buy a certain number of games, you get a certain amount back.  Currently there, doesn’t seem to be anything in place.  I wonder if this will change as we get closer to the start of the promotion.

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