Rockstar’s Revolution for the Multiplayer Side of Games

Ever want more from multiplayer in games?  Seems like we’re always jumping into different boots of generic soldier A and punching bag B.  Multiplayer games focus less on the story or character aspect and more on the gameplay. Why can’t we have both?  If Rockstar’s Dan Houser has his way, the online experience will carry more meaning and redefine what you expect.

Take for instance, the recently revealed multiplayer details for Max Payne 3 and the yet to be fully detailed Grand Theft Auto V.  To accomplish the meaningful story aspect, they’re instituting a game mode called Gang Wars in Max Payne 3.  Each round features dynamic changes tot he gameplay based on what happened in previous rounds.  Matches are also narrated by Max and comic style scenes will be used as well.  Interested in knowing more?  I wrote up a multiplayer preview which you can find here.

Ah, but what about creating that attachment to your character?  Here is where the Rockstar revolution begins my friend.  Max Payne 3 sees the first time use of “Crews”.  This feature is a more robust friends list created via their Social Club site that will give players many benefits within the game and also outside of it.  The best news?  Crews can exist across all future Rockstar games, essentially letting players take their stuff with them from game to game.  Crews you create for Max Payne 3 will also be available to you when Grand Theft Auto V hits on day one. 

Joining a crew will automatically match you up with other crew members if you’re in the same lobby and better yet, you’re free to join up to 5 crews so you’re not locked into one if you don’t want to be.  Crews have ways of sticking together as well.  If someone kills you twice in a match, you can initiate a Vendetta on them, which lets your entire crew know that you’re out to get them.  Extra XP is awarded to you if you kill them, but it’s given to the other player if they survive.  Feuds take this mechanic a step further as they’re essentially Crew Vendettas.  Random skirmishes can break out during a multiplayer match between crews when enough vendettas are active.  When this happens, it’s a first to 10 kills.  Winner gets bonus XP.

Frankly, I’m in full support of Houser’s idea.  I’m very intrigued by what Rockstar is attempting to accomplish through Max Payne 3, Grand Theft Auto V, and future games from them.   It’s almost seems like what players in MMO PC games set up with their Guilds.  Interesting that someone is trying to bring that type of interaction, to a new level at least, on the console side of things.  As we all know, good ideas are constantly “adapted” by other companies in the game industry, so I’m also intrigued to see how this is received.

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