Mass Effect + FPS = Wait…What?

Recently, GameTrailers go to guy, Geoff Keighley came out with his second game related app called The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3.  For those of you that grabbed his first on Portal 2, these are basically behind the scenes details as if Geoff was a fly on the wall during the development of the game.  He got some really great insight on design choices and many other cool tidbits that you or I would probably never hear about otherwise. 

One of the bigger pieces of information to probably would have never seen the light of day is the fact that BioWare was working on a first person shooter Mass Effect game called Mass Effect Team Assault all the way back in 2010.  I’ll let that one sink in a bit for a moment.  BioWare set its sights on the downloadable marketplace for this game and it took inspiration from games like Unreal Tournament and Battlefield 1943.  Again, I’ll give you a moment to digest all that.  Turns out, the game was shelved, though it did help bring the current multiplayer mode in Mass Effect 3 to life. 

Thinking about this one, I’m not sure if a FPS Mass Effect game is something I’d go for.  Obviously, with very little details or videos on what it would of played like, it’s hard to say.  Playing through the three previous games though and thinking about a FPS style game, I just can’t picture it.  Not only that, I enjoy the third person aspect and the ability to see your armor, guns, and the animations Commander Shepard uses.  I feel like a certain charm and style of the game would be lost with a FPS title.

Still, that’s just me though.  What do you think?  Would an FPS and Mass Effect do it for you?  If done right, it could be interesting.

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