London Fires Still Burning? THQ Trademarks ‘1666’

Being someone who enjoys history, I took notice when I read the news that THQ went and trademarked ‘1666’.  It’s a bit strange for a title, I know, and almost not worth mentioning.  THQ has even declined to comment about the trademark basically shutting the door on anything of value.  We don’t even know anything about it besides that it’s considered “video game software”.

So why is this worth mentioning at all?  Well, if we treat the trademark, ‘1666’ as a year, it lines up perfectly with a pretty big event that took place in 17th century London.  Known as the Great Fire of London, this event had massive social, economic, and destructive effects on the city.  The fire was so massive and out of control that it took 3 days to get it under control.  Apparently, the fire started on September 2, 1666 at a local bakery and due to strong winds and a very indecisive mayor, it continued unchecked until September 5 where it was finally contained by the Tower of London garrison there by using gunpower to create a firebreak.  It pretty much destroyed the entire medieval City of London, but never made it to Westminster or the suburban area.  The fire was so bad that many people began to blame it on the Dutch who England was at war with at the time.  Hysteria, panic, and anger spread through the city streets as a result.  After the fire was contained, the economic and social strain was so large that many people fled/evacuated the city.  This was also done to prevent a backlash against the government at the time as well.  As you can probably see, if this is the route THQ is going, there’s plenty of material and events to play off of to make a compelling game.

Also of note in this year is the Second Anglo-Dutch War, the city of Pitea in Sweden is completely burned down, and Sir Isaac Newton used a prism to split beams of light into its component colors.  Now that’s an interesting game! I think Peter Molydeux could work wonders with that topic.  (Check him out on twitter @petermolydeux)

Again, this is all speculation.  It could be another shooter against some sort of aliens, or a racing game.  Hopefully history wins out though and we get a very unique and interesting experience.  Also a benefit?  I’ll be able to give you guys a brand new “History Behind The Game” segment, so there’s always that.

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