BioShock Infinite Introduces The Heavy Hitters

In an effort to spice up the rogues gallery to assault the player in BioShock Infinite, Irrational Games is starting to show off the “Heavy Hitters” you’ll be meeting up with in the game.  Think minibosses.  A way to mix up the gameplay by challenging you with tougher enemies rather than the humanoids like the splicers which made up most of BioShock.  We’ll be seeing more of these guys over the next few weeks, but up first is essentially a colonial terminator.

What was probably imagined from the doodles of a middle school student’s notebook, the second heavy hitter to roam the streets of Columbia is the Motorized Patriot.  A terrifyingly creepy mech version of George Washington complete with a wax face that breaks off based on the amount of damage he’s taken.  Plus, unlike the humaniod splicer type of people, these guys don’t give a crap about staying alive.  They’ll come at you with everything they have.  I’m thinking a Big Daddy type of enemy where they have only one goal: to destroy you.  The coolest part of the Patriot?  The fact that he still rambles off patriotic slogans and propaganda in the middle of unleashing a stream of bullets from his peppergun.  George Washington using a machine gun.  That’s creative genius.

Technically, we’ve already seen another Heavy Hitter in past details from Game Informer and the debut trailer for the game in the form of the Handyman.  While we don’t have really any details on him (Is he human? Is he a robot hybrid?), I’m guessing we’ll find out more real soon.  There’s also a rumor that some of these heavy hitters can be hacked if you spec Booker a certain way.

A new heavy hitter should be revealed later this week sometime, but in the meantime, if you want to see Mech George in action, take a gander at yesterday’s Video Round Up.  Have I mentioned lately that I can’t wait for this game?

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