Assassin’s Creed III Details Straight From Ubisoft: Now With 100% More Video!

As expected, Ubisoft dropped a new trailer and the details we’ve been craving for their upcoming game, Assassin’s Creed III.  To no ones surprise, it was revealed that this game’s ancestor hails from the 18th century caught up in the American War for Independence against the British Empire.  Thankfully, we were given more information than that including some background information on the new main character.

Specifically, the game is set between 1753 all the way to 1783 and focuses on the American Assassin, Ratohnhaké:ton.  For the record, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a name spelled with a colon.  Thankfully, we don’t have to type or pronounce that name, as he commonly goes by the name Connor.  Again, no clue how you get that from his Native American name.  Connor was born to an English soldier and Native American woman of the Mohawk tribe.  His childhood was filled with misery mainly due to the harsh treatment of his people from the colonists and the tension grew to a head when his village was destroyed.  In an effort to seek justice and end tyranny, he joined up with the Assassins which included men like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.

Ok, now on to more technical details.  So what have the creative minds at Ubisoft Montreal been up to these past three years?  For starters, ACIII will be running on an entirely new game engine known as Ubisoft-AnvilNext.  This engine is capable of shifting seasons including new weather patterns which will also affect gameplay.  For example, in the winter months, lakes and rivers will freeze over allowing access to new areas for Connor to explore.  Not only that, this new engine will allow for thousands of soldiers engaged in battle on the screen at the same time and easily showing off more detailed close-ups.

You may have seen that we’re no longer in dense urban populations this time around.  You’re given a new style of sandbox to play around in this time with a large countryside known as the frontier, which makes Rome look like the size of a closet.  Don’t worry, since you’re spending so much time in the frontier zone, you’re given a third of the quests and gameplay here which means it won’t be anywhere near as empty as the Kingdom was in the first game.  Boston and New York will also be major hubs to explore as well.  Freerunning is indeed back and one could say bigger this time around as Connor can climb trees, slide under obstacles, and jump through windows to name a few.

Combat has also been completely overhauled as well.  Connor is an expert at dual wielding weapons which includes his trademark axe, bow and arrow, flintlock rifle, knife, and hidden blade to start out with.  Combat animations have been rebuilt from the ground up and completely redone.  There are over a thousand new animations all based around speed and momentum.  You’re also able to perform new moves such as taking human shields.

One thing that I’m particularly excited about is a minor RPG inclusion in the form of XP.  100% memory synchronization returns, only this time you’re rewarded for actually pulling it off.  Activities performed during memories also grand you certain amounts of XP and you’ll now have checkpoints during missions as well.  No longer will you have to replay the entire thing to complete it 100%.  No word on what you can spend the XP on however.

Here’s the brand new Announcement Trailer straight from the frozen doorsteps of Ubisoft Montreal.  Certainly gets me excited every time I see it.  I think it’s safe to say that they’ve made a believer out of me for this era.

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