1000 Times Hotter: Borderlands 2 Details

Before this week, Gearbox had been keeping the Borderlands 2 cards close to their vests.  Outside of detailing the Gunzerker class, we really haven’t heard too much from them.  Thankfully, all that changed this week when the dropped the awesomely fantastic Doomsday trailer on us.  What?  You haven’t seen it yet?  Well, please, check out the trailer I’ve put here for you and we’ll continue after you’re done.  I’ll wait.

All caught up?  Is your jaw still attached or did it hit the floor?  If you haven’t already joy puked your face off, lets take a look at some important details this trailer has shown off.  First of which is the other three classes, two of which have never been mentioned or shown until now.

So rounding out the class list with Salvador the Gunzerker we have Maya the Siren, Axton the Commando, and Zero the Assassin.  Recently, we’ve found out more information on the final 3 classes in greater detail. Lets start off with Maya, the newest Siren.  Sure, this class isn’t new like the Gunzerker, so what’s so different?

First and foremost, the Siren’s new skill this time around is Phaselock, which lets her basically pull an enemy out of combat providing her and the group with a sort of crowd control.  So if you’re fighting a group of guys and there’s one nasty and annoying creature, phaselock it in place and fight off the others.  Of course, her skill trees go towards improving the ability of Phaselock, including being a sort of healer, damage dealer, and support class.  Just phaselocking a target can revive other players, give a fire rate bonus to your team, and even deal area effect damage.  It’s all in how you want to play. 

Axton the Commando rounds out the Soldier type class only Gearbox has said that this class is a much more beefed up version.  Axton represents a badass sort of special ops type of fighter and like the Soldier, he uses a turret as his action skill.  The big difference is that this one is way more advanced than what you may remember.  You can use skill points to change-up the turret’s function and even its look.  His three skill trees focus on the different ranges of combat so the Guerilla tree is all about close range combat while Gunpowder is medium range and finally Survival focuses on long-range and staying alive.  If you’ve played the soldier in the first game, the Commando should fit you like a finely worn glove.

Finally, Zero the Assassin is the game’s…well…ninja class.  His action skill is called Deception which releases a decoy of himself onto the battlefield while he enters a sort of predator stealth mode.  Better yet, in this stealth mode, the enemies are all highlighted with their critical hit points detailed.  This allows you to pick your targets to deal huge damage.  And yes, he does have a sword, just don’t expect to customize it like you would guns.  You’ll be able to upgrade it through one of his skill trees though.

The amount of color variety is staggering as well.  We’re getting away from all the browns, tans, and basic shooter style of color.  We’re now seeing varied sections including a snowy mountain, a beach area, a mountain fortress, and a lush forest area.  Overall, it’s a much-needed shot in the arm to the first game’s distinctive wasteland look. 

I’m also really pumped about the new UI and look of the menus.  I think we can all agree here that the menus weren’t great from the first game.  They just didn’t fit well within the screen, especially with split screen.  From what the trailer showed off, we can at least be sure that it’ll be much more intuitive and easier to read.  For that, I am grateful.  Also, it seems that more detail has gone into making the guns a little more diverse.  For example, if you’re using a gun infused with shock abilities, the gun will have a distinct look telling you that it is enhanced with the power.  You’ll see things like blue colors or some sort of feature will tip you off. 

Honestly, Borderlands was one of my favorite games of 2009.  It kind of came up on me by surprise as I didn’t really follow it during its development.  While it wasn’t perfect, it was so much fun, especially when played with friends.  This sequel looks tremendous so far and many of the faults of the first game look to be fixed or at least improved.  I can’t wait to get my hands on this one and September already seems like a lifetime away. 

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