Saturday Video Round Up: Feb 12 – 18

Some really great videos for you this week in the Round Up.  Here’s what’s on tap for today’s edition:

Curious to see some more FarCry3 action after their reveal from last year’s E3?  Luckily for you, Ubisoft has delivered a brand new trailer which gives a little back story on the protagonist and just what went wrong on his tropical vacation.  Insanity.  With time running out until it’s release, EA has unleashed an avalanche of gameplay videos for SSX including the final three mountains ranges in the game that you’ll be able to ride.  Of course, they’re waiting for you below.  Syndicate hits this coming Tuesday and as such, the launch trailer has hit the web.  Come for a glimpse of the story and the characters you’ll be interacting with.  The wait for Max Payne 3 has seemingly gotten long after you watch the first story trailer for the upcoming Rockstar epic.  May can’t come soon enough. I’ve also got new trailers for Alan Wake: American Nightmare, Prototype 2, Binary Domain, MLB 2K12 and so much more after the break, so kick you feet up and come check out this week’s batch of trailers!

Videos are after the jump.

Far Cry 3 – Stranded Trailer
SSX – Siberia Trailer
SSX – Antarctica Trailer
SSX – New Zealand Trailer
SSX – Rockies Trailer
I Am Alive – Survival Trailer
Warp – Launch Trailer
Syndicate – Launch Trailer
Binary Domain – Multiplayer Trailer
Max Payne 3 – Going After the Girl Trailer
Alan Wake: American Nightmare – Live Action Trailer
MLB 2K12 – Gameplay trailer
Prototype 2 – Collector’s Edition Trailer
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