Coming Soon: The Second Annual Gamer Crash Awards!

It’s hard to believe, but December is finally here.  I’m not sure why, but for me, it seemed like the back half of the year just blew by.  With December back once again, that means I’m preparing the second annual edition of the Gamer Crash Awards.  It’s my way of celebrating the best (and worst) of this past year.

Starting this week and running periodically through the month of December, I’ll be revealing what I felt were my top picks this year.  This will all lead up to December 31, when I finally pull the curtain back on my Game of the Year.  I’ve also decided to expand the categories this year and also remove the Wii one.  Lets be honest, Nintendo has shifted focus to the WiiU so there wasn’t much in the way of AAA premium content on the Wii.  My quick pick would be Skyward Sword though.  Same goes for this year as it did last year, I only consider games I’ve managed to play so even if a game is the best around, you won’t see it listed if I haven’t played it.  Wouldn’t be very fair and I can’t generate an opinion on something I haven’t actually played.

Care to get a refresher on my awards from 2010?  No problem I’ve got you covered: Wii GotY, Biggest Disappointment, Best Downloadable, Game of the Year 2010.

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