Saints Row: The Third Getting A Season Pass for DLC

With Saints Row: The Third mere days away from release and the glowing reviews starting to pile up, THQ and Volition have pulled the curtain back on its DLC plans for the game.  In a now common trend among games, Saints Row: The Third is getting its own DLC Season Pass, where you can scoop up all DLC for a lower price than buying them separately.

For 20 bucks, you can enjoy a 15% savings and expect to get your hands on 4 DLC packs:

1. Genkibowl VII – coming to you in January, A Professor Genki style sporting event takes over Steelport.

2. Gangstas In Space – Ride along with the Saints sometime in the winter of 2012 as they go on some Sci-Fi misadventures.

3. Trouble With Clones – coming sometime in the Spring of 2012, this pack deals with a copy-cat killing at it’s finest.

4. Nyte Blayde DLC Pack – this pack gives you access to 2 new outfits and 2 new vehicles.  Dress up as an Alter Boy or the Bloody Canoness and take to the streets in your new Bloody Canoness Bike or the Nyte Blayde mobile.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.  Not only that, I just have to mention that the creativity and complete insanity Volition has managed to infuse into this game is refreshing and much appreciated.  It’s nice to play a game every once in a while that doesn’t really give a crap about realism and is more concerned with letting you have some fun.  Saints Row: The Third hits store shelves on Tuesday, November 15…along with a metric ton of other games.

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